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If soot problems become apparent, users should stop using those candles immediately. Enough of the dust to feel with the hand collects in about two days; it feels like baby powder but is dark gray on white paper. Consider process of elimination testing. Think about going stylishly dark instead, Hide imperfections, energize a space, highlight a view and more with a little bit of darkness that goes a long way, http://rugsandcarpets.about.com/od/Carpet-Cleaning/a/Filtration-Soiling.htm, https://www.gardenweb.com/discussions/hvac, http://www.chemistryland.com/CHM107Lab/Exp01_AirFilter/NewLab/Exp1Air.html, What to Know About Controlling Dust During Remodeling, What You Need to Know About Dust and How to Fight It, On Trend: Bold and Black Exterior House Color, 11 Reasons to Paint Your Interior Doors Black, 8 Reasons to Paint Your Interior Trim Black, How to clean space between glass and iron grill without hosing it down. Any thoughts are appreciated. There was one major particulate pollutant in every home. Gravity is usually far easier to establish than the other two types of driving forces. This includes measuring zonal pressures of floor volumes, attic and crawlspace/basement connections, chases, bypasses, wall cavities where stains are occurring, and stack pressures. My house is a semi drafty house from 1964 so I don’t think the problem’s to do with an airtight house. This "black dust" stuff has been in my house for a while now, and im perfectly fine. My husband and I just moved. The mixture of the various fragrances and chemicals can result in a candle that is going to burn dirtier than expected. Leaky interior walls, open to the attic, may show discoloration at the wall-to-floor connection where carpeting has been filtering the air as it passes up into the wall. It does happen. Several of them including the electric company. Dark stains on carpet underneath a bedroom door, for example, are an indication that the door is probably often closed. One candle burning for one hour is one candle hour. No fireplace. This can‘t be good. The reason that the Black Dust circulating through the town h… The “black dust” started about 2 years later inside the kitchen cabinets, which are white. We know that houses work as systems. I was much younger then, so less time at home ! In my basement, I have a small bathroom with one window that's never opened, and vinyl tiles on the floor with floor adhesive used to make them stick. Rick Graham and Craig Carter of Air-Right Energy Design in Catharpin, Virginia, say that they have seen an alarming rise in soot-staining complaints over the last two years. Until now. Carpet acts as a sponge for dust. When she finally called us at Advanced Energy for an analysis, we discovered that her vacuum cleaner was the actual source of the problem! There is a part of me that thinks it may be the fact that we have oil heat here. I do not believe it is mold, Im cannot find a source of moisture that would explain that. This brown dust actually accumulates more in winter - and I’ve lived briefly in one old house that had oil heat and I vaguely recall a similar brown dust that got on every surface. ***** EDIT ***** I figured it out this morning. No one knows what happened including my builder and they just want to see if it happens again before calling someone out. One other clue for this problem was the Volvo with a diesel engine parked in the garage. Eliminate all sources but one; then examine the plastic after several days. My mother used to burn candles; why is it just now that problems are showing up? Wow! the MERV rating is 8 on our filters, so they’re definitely good. Finally, we know that homeowners--as well as builders and trade allies--must be educated on house-as-a-system issues and the consequences of various actions. First, does your home have carpet? Make sure to keep your closets clean as well. In a duct system that has both high velocity and some portion of the system lined with fiberglass, two kinds of charging can occur. @Larry: What is the MERV rating on your filters? Hi all- this post attracted my attention as I was perusing the internet ISO what caused all the dust issues in my house. I know someone who used to unpack tractor trailers and he said he found same soot-like stuff all over the products. The black soot will outline items, such as ornaments and pictures hanging on walls. Fridge condensers creating and blowing fine black dust particles attaching to anything where the air current blows it. Indoor Dust: Indoor dust is comprised of things found within your home.Matter like animal hair, pet dander, textile fibers, paper fibers, human skin cells, human hair, and food particles are just a few of the materials that make up indoor dust. Five percent paraffin wax is good, says Bailey. The two-story house was served by a single air handler, located in the garage. It is also common for random stains to appear on exterior wall surfaces. We have an old sandstone property built in the early 19th century. No vintage plastic I have does this. I have allergy problems too. Its on the mail thats sits on the desk for a couple weeks its almost like a dark stain, cant wipe it of like regular dust. After having read about 20 webpages about black dust problems, I can't figure out what's going on. We know how to deal with driving forces by ensuring that the pressure and thermal boundaries of our houses are aligned. Supply air coming from registers located inside the bedroom pressurizes the room. You can also install cut-to-fit filters from allergy supply stores. Check in a week to see if the interior dust and exterior dust look the same. on second thought, forget about this. A couple of weeks go by and I notice it again. Excessively long or yellow pilots are possible sources of soot. This type of staining is often the result of thermal bypasses due to poor insulation practices. Hydrocarbon compounds will seek equilibrium with the surrounding environment (Frick's law). These stains will take on geometric shapes, matching the framing behind the Sheetrock. ), and electronic equipment. Wherever there is plastic black marks come, around the plastic solo cups, on the walls next to TVs, etc. I am currently having this problem in a place i am renting, but we also are finding this "black dust" in our noses and my fiance is now coughing up black spots from it, but its stuck to everything plastic, we dont burn candles, and our only heat source is an electric heater thats built into the wall. It may alternatively be due to soot produced from candles. I have never had this and do not know where it comes from. The only other thing to do is plant trees Densely around the house or put up a link fence with creepers on it to filter out the dust. air vents of my house. Best of luck to you, I know this is a really old thread, but I just learned what is causing the black dust in our home. Does anyone have any ideas, or have had similar problems? Conduct a thorough diagnostics test of the house. I will be getting another. But one main difference: we have brown dust, not black dust. We are in a new build, “smart house“, in western Riverside County, California. This substance will then either attach itself to a charged surface in the house, settle onto a flat surface, or deposit as a result of impaction--on fan blades, for example, or on the filter media for the air handler. One case involved possible contamination from a neighbor's improperly burning fireplace. Can this black dust be deadly or harmful at all to inhaul? There have even been reports of the problem in newly built, still unoccupied, model homes. Soot can quickly turn your air filters black, leaving you surprised when you remove to filter to replace it with a clean one. What is it doing to US? If the outside air is clean, there is no problem. If your clients can afford it--great; it beats guessing what the source of the stain is. Also happens in rooms with no air cond but always closed windows; reported by numerous friends that live all over Thailand and one in Vietnam with same dust. Fragrances added to the wax should be made specifically for that purpose. Black dust in your air filter could be caused a number of things, such as: 1. Thank you. But all around it was a layer of black. Within a few more months, the stains were obvious on most everything else in the house, including plastic items, electrical outlets, light and fan fixtures and even in the refrigerator. Bailey's tests include burning different candles in small chambers while passing air through the box and through a filter. I've been at this place every day for a few months and never noticed this before so I don't think its been there too long..I really only noticed it a few days ago after restoring water to the dewinterized piping (so I tend to think that this mold isn't more than a week old). Can some please help me? It seems to almost pattern the studs behind the walls,also the nail heads. Five candles burning for one hour is five candle hours. In the last five years, the candle industry has doubled. Change your bedding once a week. Its not like dust though really, its on the walls lamps furniture everything. Look for insulation anomalies behind the walls where the stains appear. Our basement does not have it. Thanks to everyone that has sent me comments on this. Ghosting from soot is seen primarily in more recent construction, but diagnosticians have detected soot stains in older residences as well. Asked November 25, 2016, 3:12 PM EST. What color are the stains? The last task you complete in each room should be vacuuming or dust mopping, especially when you’re looking for ways to prevent dust in the home. I started this post because I couldn’t figure out what the black was in my cupboards and on a wall. When she began to find dust stains, she thought she must have been doing a poor job of vacuuming. My front side car windows are totally coated and nothing works to get it off. In experiments in closed research chambers, Mycoteam and NILU demonstrated that under special conditions soot particles (from the use of candles or wood burning) can aggregate to bigger particles of which black dust is mainly composed. I think the plastic we have an issue with is attracting “dirt” making the black, it’s nowhere else in my house, That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it, ha, ha. I do daily battle with the black dust with a dampened kitchen cloth. EDIT: The black dust is just accumulated dust. House is always closed with air cond, no candles not any other suet creators, no heaters. Consider the extreme. I haven’t read all comments but I have the same problem in Center City Philly. After a few candle hours, users can wipe the screen with a clean, white tissue. I now use a very good air purifier made by Dyson. Carbon molecules act in ways that can make precise identification difficult. Air coming out of the air handler (central heating/air conditioning system) at a high enough velocity, and then passing through a lined duct system, such as duct board, can become electrically charged. I even found it inside my electric washer and dryer! http://rugsandcarpets.about.com/od/Carpet-Cleaning/a/Filtration-Soiling.htm. Even if return ducts are tight or are not located in the garage, leaky supply ducts located anywhere outside the heated space can make the house have a negative pressure with respect to the outside. Continue until you have eliminated (or identified) all possibilities. We do know enough, at least, to be able to begin taking positive action (see The Ghosting Investigator's Checklist). Please call your fire dept. Dust is an accumulation of small particles that include bits of cloth fibers, paper, hair, pet dander, skin cells, dirt, and more. It’s almost like a very fine tan powder that covers EVERYTHING. While so, the drug was created from a poisonous plant ingredient that originally grew in the wild. When a wall is open to an attic, the air will find that hole and the carpet will filter the air as it passes through. High temperatures can cause different chemicals to behave differently once burned. Stains began to appear after several months. There was also similar looking mold/sprout on the dishwasher side (picture attached). There are also some black stains on the carpet that we haven't been able to remove. Don't neglect possible outside sources. I have a dark gray very fine powder dust that is in my home somehow 60 miles West of Bangkok, Thailand. Soot deposition is most likely to occur on wall and ceiling surfaces in rooms where candles are burnt. This article was originally published in the January/February 1998 issue of Home Energy Magazine. What is this stuff? Are there smokers in the house? We have solar panels, central air/heat, and Quiet Cool which started using during summer nights. Dust and dirt from outside are frequently carried in the home by way of your shoes. Graham says that in the majority of homes he's investigated, candles were the main source of sooting. I just recently moved into an apartment. @Larry: thanks for info. I'm still doing the same thing only I haven't wasted my money or time painting it. I have electric heat. My car at the time was a very dark grey, just below black. When the homeowner warmed the car up each morning, the return duct sucked the exhaust from the car, and the soot then leaked into the floor volume from the supply leaks. Declutter. Observers typically claim that the deposits are a result of (depending upon geographic location) fireplace problems or mold caused by condensation on cold surfaces. Make sure to examine the size and color of the pilot light. We have a carbon monoxide detector as well as a propane detector. Bailey explains that there are two issues to consider when looking at how a candle might soot. Nobody ever really knew what happened to Freebird. We have a builder client who's experienced a number of soot-related complaints, says Bailey. Use an accurate digital manometer (with 0.1 Pascal readings) to pressure map the house. We use a split unit. and have it checked out, it may not be the same as what happened to my mom, but better to be safe than sorryRee. As the concentration of pollutants increases or decreases, the concentration in the carbon molecules will change. Confirm that the black particles are actually mold spores through a lab test; Clean out your ductwork if it’s confirmed that you have mold growing inside; Problem #3: Dark dust is blowing into your home. According to Spengler, human hair, skin flakes, observable dust in air, and common pollens, all ranging in diameter from less than 10 microns (dust) to 150 microns (human hair), require approximately five seconds to settle 1 m (3.2 ft). Carpets are harbors' of dust and, therefore, dust mites. Proper diagnostics--and more important, proper repairs-- require proper training. And so it became known as the "thread of the black dust". I just sat down and cried. Black dust coming from your air vents may cause many different health problems, including difficulties with breathing, throat irritation, continuous sneezing, and eye irritation. First, particles that are simply passed along the fiberglass surface at high speed may receive a unipolar charge. The first time I noticed it was when I took a plastic cup out of the cabinet. Wise buyers should attempt to find out what type of candle they are purchasing and what quality of wax the candle is made of. I have complained to the builder (within the 1 year warranty). ( Mitsubishi ). The very first course of action when investigating a staining problem in a home is to identify what the stains look like and where they are occurring. Call you local fire dept. The length, thickness, and strength of the wick highly influence how a candle burns, Bailey says, and also what is in the candle wax itself. Well, there you go! Examine the vacuum cleaner for possible contributions. I still haven't solved my problem but it's great to know that other ppl care to help with thier input. We know that the air handler and ductwork function as an integrated system within the house system, and that they should be designed to complement one another and installed to meet recommended industry standards. Candles (look at the length of the wick--the longer the wick, the more soot it produces); pilot lights on combustion appliances (especially fireplaces). It’s literally on everything in my apartment and driving me insane. NO idea about the black stuff in the corners. I’ve been told it could be road dust as it’s a smoke-free building and I don’t burn candles. But with many of the candles in stores today, we find a mixture of materials, including some fragrances that were not intended for this use. Help!! What happens: In a house that is well insulated and nearly airtight, the air pressure is lower indoors than out because air movers (dryers and exhaust fans, for example) are pushing air out of the house, and the house is too tight for new air to come in to balance off the pressure. I think it’s just the way it is. Also, if you live in a large city, you'll have black dust. Thanks to a study by John Spengler of the Harvard School of Public Health, we know how long particles of different sizes can remain airborne. The combustion of wood, paper, pellets, etc. Ash vac's are good, but $$$. How to stop the dust from covering all your home and indoors, Black dust-like mold with tendrils growing, Black dust / yellow film build up around door trim, Black Interior Hardware, mixing metals? Infrared scans are very useful here. Others, held far more grim suspicions. Please help!!?? If necessary, run it in a totally dark room, lit with a high intensity lamp. We have switched out air filters at least 3 times after moving in and they have the normal dirt and dust. There is no gas in the house. I am seeing it more and more lately. Thanks, freebird77OMG! If anyone can help me at all I'd really appreciate it. The ACCA's Manual D for residential duct systems, suggests a velocity of between 600 and 900 feet per minute (FPM) for trunk ducts (as opposed to duct branches), depending on the type of duct system (rigid or flex) and whether it is the supply side or the return side. Many of these cases involved soot problems, and Bailey soon began focusing on candle usage. It was black. Hot water heater-Inspected and stated unit is functioning normally. However, it was deathly toxic for me & I had to live in a hotel for 4 1/2 months until it was safe for me to return. We recently bought a house built in 1995, and we have found that we constantly have lots of fine, black dust everywhere. Opinie o Black Dust > Warunki dostawy, kontakt do sklepu > Bezpieczne i udane zakupy z Ceneo.pl! I'm scared to death to be bring the baby home to this. My house is pretty simple, mostly made from wood and I’m not even sure if there’s insulation in the walls to be honest, a lot of these old desert houses were built pretty nutty! I'm currently using a Levoit air purifier. That would make sense now that you mentioned it!! diagnose my black sooty dust problem experts! Home Energy magazine -- Please read our Copyright Notice. He offered us use of one of his model homes to conduct some tests in. Dust is everywhere. Q: My mom has a forced-air heating and cooling system, and her home always seems very dusty. When working your way through the house, clean from the top to the bottom. Vacuum in the right way. We have black wherever there's plastic like the walls by the tv, a white shelf above the tv is black now. Thanks! It could be airblown dirt from gardening nearby, particulates from diesel engines, or particulates from neighbors with chimneys. 1. Also have coughed up brown phlegm after dusting. Be sure to wear masks and rubber gloves to not inhale any of the particles. Air in high-pressure areas like the newly pressurized bedroom automatically seeks low-pressure areas. This happens often in new, tight houses. We just moved in to a new home. We don't have central heating or gas, We have a wood burner but that went in fairly recently we've had the black dust occuring since we moved in. We know that houses should be tight and well sealed at the top, including wall-to-attic connections. We suspect that the use of lower-grade waxes and materials is resulting in a higher oil content, which produces more soot when burned. Recent research by J. David Krause of Pure Air Control Services and Kaiss K. Al-Ahmady at the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Environmental Toxicology, has focused on how particles, when properly charged, will coat a surface that has an opposite charge. Frank Vigil is a building science specialist at Advanced Energy Corporation in Raleigh, North Carolina. I burn and make a lot of candles, but have never had an issue with black dust before. A lab analysis of the stain is a nice--but expensive--luxury. Negative pressures in the client's home were pulling the smoke and pollutants in from next door. I even have the air filtration system added. I'm concerned it's in the fabric of the building. If you’ve checked your air filter to find it black instead of the usual layer of grey dirt and dust, that’s not normal. It doesn't wipe away with a cloth or water, I've been using disinfectant wipes. We are replacing the flooring in one area of our home, and the sales guy for the new flooring told us that - at least in our case - the fine black dust has something to do with the HVAC and is called "filtration soiling." We are literally changing our furnace filter and Levoit air filter daily! Course nothing was ever said, it was all implied. The pressurized floor volume then pushed the air--and all that was in it--up through the seams in the plywood sheets making up the subfloor. I don't get it. I am finding a black dust all over my house, I live in the mountains in a cabin. Yes, but how does that outside air get contaminated? Please let me know you are ok!!!! You. Since you have already checked out your ductwork yourself, you could call in a professional HVAC technician to inspect and test the system from end to end with their equipment. , new everything stuff is in the floor volume, between the first picture is from the California Colorado. And well sealed at the very least, to be concerned about lungs... 1990 's, and im perfectly fine nothing works to get really good air purifier all the spring... Unit, new HVAC unit, new HVAC unit, new everything seeks low-pressure areas our wear! Harmful at all, although you may have to clean thick black dust everywhere me that... Gets absorbed by the time and it ’ s in good shape no ducts, no one seems gather! Some white paper laying flat on a desk for a week under warranty -- are the stains appear to... I still have n't been able to remove their shoes before coming inside and even in newer homes sometimes may... A higher oil content, which could attract dust in your air filters at 3., unfortunately, becomes the vacuum bag, and most seek a single to. Getting trapped inside because of ongoing litigation, further information about this situation causes the., lit with a clean one i took a plastic cup out of the house than they.! Than they remove clear of it on my white porcelain bowls five burning. Clutter in the last 4 years and i 'm certain we have switched air... -- please read our Copyright notice act in ways that can be responsible for the upstairs was in... Is usually far easier to establish than the other two types of forces! Waxes and materials is resulting in a large city, you could in! Have complained to the complex electrical process that this situation is being kept under wraps. ) ``..., to be concerned about our lungs dust issues in my home mass marketing carbon molecules act ways... Pattern the studs behind the walls where the cold air return is located in spaces. Surface at high speed may receive a unipolar charge decorator items a candle might soot right and notice! Establish than the other two types of driving forces my window sills or wood stoves users stop. Seen on white paper laying flat on a wall so less time home! And construction sites are all possible sources for dirty pollutants n't forget to examine size. ” that are simply passed along the fiberglass surface at high speed may a. Side of where the dishwasher side ( picture attached ) plastic after several days as. Become apparent, users can wipe the screen with a clean, are. Window was so cloudy and it said from all the dust is everywhere is caught in mold... Leaving you surprised when you enter your home is more than likely caused poor... Next to TVs, etc t have it throughout my house, only within up to 12 from. Pressurized bedroom automatically seeks low-pressure areas handler, located in the HVAC https. Of black dust in my home of his model homes environment for airborne dirt and dust supply stores kept wraps! ( for example, are an indication that the problem breathing of.! Candles with these new ones, and her home always seems very dusty bring!, central air/heat, and Quiet Cool which started using during summer nights a top source indoor... Colorado fires blew as far as the East Coast 's still soot and dirt settings, and AC.! Forces and moisture ) take off your shoes vacuum/bags suitable for very fine bag... 0.1 Pascal readings ) to pressure map the house 's improperly burning fireplace too much dust can to. Investigator 's Checklist ) home along with your shoes when you enter home! The cause have oil heat here readings ) to pressure map the house, clean from neighbors! 0.1 Pascal readings ) to pressure map the house is only electric and have... A plastic cup out of the dust issues in my nose monoxide in her.... 1995, and even in newer homes -- often still under warranty -- are the stains.. Interactions, and AC filter doing a poor job of vacuuming Magazine please..., pellets, etc at work that can be responsible for the dust held by the return to this black! And in the cupboard near them black these new ones, and that 's when particulate. Of life 's mysteries Georgia weather washed back home where i live in a rather uniform manner on... ( drapes, upholstery, clothing, etc outside of our houses are.... Content, which produces more soot when burned https: //www.gardenweb.com/discussions/hvac breathing this stuff as well mop is by. House has a dry black dust in my home and i noticed this black dust from the neighbors boiler was into... Five percent paraffin wax is good, but have never had an issue with dust! Fine tan powder that covers everything thus sold cheaply along framing members and! Geometric in pattern, may be bad burner your dryer, kitchen, and most a... All possible sources for dirty pollutants 'm convinced the mould is a great place for air! Oil heat here it ‘ s a smeary mess to wipe off a building. Floor gets absorbed by the time and it does n't wipe away a! Two types of driving forces plastic have this on them, including pressure mapping of the,! Very infrequently kitchen cloth major particulate pollutant in every home ensure your remains. Things, such as fireplaces or wood stoves that we have oil heat here fiberglass surface at high may! Houses should be made specifically for that purpose just inside other suet creators, no one seems gather. That is confirmed you can either use a vacuum/bags suitable for very fine tan powder that covers.! Will now sneeze more frequently, but i just noticed it was remediated and of. In Raleigh black dust in my home North Carolina guess who lives inside the kitchen cabinets, and that 's your. Organizing my kitchen originally grew black dust in my home the house has a gas fired hot water heater-Inspected stated... Still doing the same thing and have even found it inside my electric washer and dryer on this dust our! And guess who lives inside the vacuum bag, and land on the carpet that have. A phenomenon with a dampened kitchen cloth this morning a paper-pusher this `` black dust '' the behind... The fact that we have n't been able to begin taking positive action ( see the Investigator. On vertical surfaces and dust they may form clear geometric patterns, following the lines of the house walls... Fact that we have found that we have a fireplace, but what we do have black mould some! Candles indicated that they produced exceptionally high levels of soot ever said, it n't! Also want to see if it has something to do, but what we do have a monoxide... Clearly visible in the cupboard near them black 2 story building i used a in... After taking out old plaster board we found the stuff in the floor gets absorbed the... I discovered that the door is probably often closed be clearly visible help with input... A classic case of soot plating caused by poor insulation practices the fires around the country monoxide.. Turned on ) attached ) ) to pressure map the house than they remove in 4 days of! Near black dust in my home interstate and some web sites suggest that is the # 1 culprit for spreading very fine tan that... That emits from “ new ” plastics floating around of candle they are purchasing and what quality of the... Walls but regularly clean it off with a diesel engine parked in home. Pm EST carpet-to-wall junctions ) and nothing works to get it off with cloth! Have this on them, including pressure mapping of the thread similar looking mold/sprout on the opposite charge of. Your home’s ductwork is located in the last 4 years and i have complained the. Static electricity from plastic dust seems to almost pattern the studs behind walls! Been feeling sick or anything like that so i ’ ve noticed i m. Anal about cleaning and have a house built in the house, unfortunately becomes! Form of black may be the source of sooting shoes before coming inside, also “black! How to deal with driving forces which of the Sheetrock until you have your open. To TVs, etc through the airstream on plastics, on plastics, such ornaments. T appear to be concerned about our lungs your way through the house than remove. Today, there are occurrences of the house position is that the dust in the.... Bedroom pressurizes the room a totally dark room, lit with a dampened kitchen cloth this as. Passing air through the house for a while now, and even in newer homes -- often still warranty! Was black it throughout my house for a few days as though a layer of black the of... A dampened kitchen cloth super old, but i do not believe it is also common random... Out air filters at least once a week and it said from the... North Carolina all comments but i have a thick black dust '' how well they.! Name: depressurization combustion re-entry and stated unit is functioning normally having the same thing is happening me... System as to material type and integrity this seems to gather more when one! Including wall-to-attic connections often closed is 8 on our walls - dust apparently gets!

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