EXO Foundation

SolARE acts as the representative in France of the EXO Foundation; all French citizens or people with their fiscal residence in France can forward their donations through SolARE to benefit from a 66% tax deduction.

The EXO Foundation’s mission is to instigate a system of travel that incorporates long-term strategies to maximize the benefits for local communities, and the preservation of their cultural and natural heritage.

It aims to improve the livelihoods of the most disadvantaged populations, while minimizing the negative social, cultural and environmental impacts tourism may generate.

Active in Asia (Cambodia, Burma, China, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam), the role of the Foundation is twofold:

  • Accompany and guide Exotissimo Travel and its clients on the responsible path advising Exotissimo Travel teams and its clients (travel agents and direct travelers) on the best practices in responsible travel to ensure their activities support the sustainable development of the region,
  • To directly support (fund) projects which are contributing to the sustainable development of destinations.

For more information go to www.exofoundation.org


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