SolARE Expertise



  • Researches and studies such as opportunity and feasibility study, market research, tourism destination assessment.
  • Projects supporting sustainable tourism value chains development.
  • Actions optimising the protection, management, and valorisation of natural and cultural heritage, including communication and interpretation tools.
  • Developing and accompanying certification processes for hotels, tour operators.
  • Projects supporting the creation of local responsible enterprises, and economic activities for MSME.
  • Elaboration of Responsible Travel Policies for tourism enterprises, methodology to implement them.
  • Elaboration and conduct of training programmes to strengthen the capacities of various stakeholders – local communities, entrepreneurs, public or private bodies – improving environmental, economical, and social performances.
  • Design and delivery of monitoring, evaluation, and impact assessment.
  • Organisation and facilitation of seminars, workshops, conferences, training sessions and other events catering for the projects’ objectives.

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