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SolARE arose from the awareness that many tourism development projects tend to under-estimate the complexity of sustainable development implementation, and of the entrepreneurship creation process and often do not achieve the expected results and impacts. SolARE offers to optimise and perpetuate in the long run the positive impacts of activities conducted by focusing on the development of the sense of ownership by various actors and a responsible management of commercial enterprises in the establishment of fair economic partnerships.

Our objective is to disseminate responsible tourism practices by integrating this complexity when initiating and accompanying enterprises by enhancing their human, environmental and socio-cultural resources within an economic framework meant to optimise benefits and a fair distribution among partners and host communities.

SolARE is positioning itself as an advisory organisation and recommend an empirical, participative and pragmatic approach favouring the creation of partnerships between various actors within destinations as well as the establishment (and sustainable management) of value chains.

SolARE can assist in developing projects and research from their conception to their implementation, by designing specific concept papers and proposals to be submitted to funding bodies, and provide technical assistance to implement them.

Experts in sustainable development applied to the tourism value chain, we have in common to have dedicated our careers to the design, building and development of tourism as a tool for human and economic development. We also chose to reside abroad (mostly in emerging destinations) to be in direct contact with and, appreciate better local issues, aware that a hands on experience allows a good understanding of the socio-cultural factors which determines the success of such interventions in emerging countries.

Our experience ‘In Situ’ within several African and Southeast Asian countries where we have lived and worked combined with a solid network of international and local experts, organisations, private actors and local authorities we have woven throughout these years spent overseas allow us to intervene efficiently in many countries.


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